SEEC ClearPath Features & Modules

  Inventory Module Features

  • Performing a community-scale and government operations GHG inventories is now far easier for California local governments, thanks to this powerful, user-friendly tool developed by ICLEI.
  • Instant visual feedback with in-application charts and graphs
  • Powerful reporting features to retrieve data (stored safely in the cloud)
  • Ability to export data in .csv format
  • Popup help and instruction windows to find answers fast
  • Complements SEEC’s climate action resources and trainings
  • Multiple users per jurisdiction account to facilitate collaboration
  • Parallel tracks for Local Government and Community Scale Inventories

Why conduct a community-scale GHG inventory?

  • Essential first step to creating a climate action or energy-saving plan for your community

Forecasting Module

With the integrated Forecasting Module of SEEC ClearPath California, you can connect your inventory data directly from the results of a greenhouse gas inventory.  The features of this module allow users to create business-as-usual forecasts with ease.  Forecasts can now be developed with increased depth and detail allowing users to instantly visualize the results of different assumptions. Some specific features of the Forecast Module include:

  • Ability to forecast changes in specific fuels and differences between emissions generating sectors
  • Create dynamic forecasts which incorporate the impacts of State level actions such as the Renewable Portfolio Standard and Pavley II fuel economy standards
  • Beautifully rendered charts and data exports in .csv format

Climate Action Planning Module

  • Save time and money and create a more targeted, cost-effective climate action plan by exploring a library of emissions reduction measures and calculating their potential impact on your community.
  • Discover mitigation strategies by filtering for characteristics and co-benefits with your existing municipal programs
  • Explore the potential impact of a growing list of mitigation strategies with built-in calculators
  • Receive instant feedback and visualize the impact of strategies on forecast emissions levels
  • Save different combinations of actions to chart scenarios towards meeting your reduction goals
  • Perform dynamic action planning calculations that incorporate change over time
  • Integrate existing GHG reduction estimates

Why develop a climate action plan or energy plan?

  • With SEEC ClearPath California, you can identify the best opportunities to save energy and money for your local government, local businesses and community members
  • Chart a specific, cost-effective path to reaching you energy goals and GHG reduction targets
  • Understand in detail the potential energy and GHG reductions from each sector (transportation, buildings, etc.)

Monitoring Module

The Monitoring Module provides users with the opportunity to record the performance of the actions their community has taken to reduce emissions and track implementation progress.  Potential uses for the features of the Monitoring Module include:

  • Maintaining a centralized record of actions taken, their outcomes, and funding sources to support progress reporting
  • Tracking and comparing the implementation of actions against the level of implementation specified in a Planning Scenario
  • Tracking and comparing the effectiveness of actions against anticipated reductions developed in a Planning Scenario
  • New reports illustrating inventory performance over time and against Planning Scenario outputs.