Best Practices: Alameda County Revolving Energy Fund & Municipal Utility Surcharge

Since the mid-1990s, Alameda County?s Energy Program, under the County?s General Services Agency (GSA), has been able to continually implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in County facilities. Two programs fund this success: a Designated Energy Fund and a departmental utility bill surcharge.

Sustainability Best Practice Framework (2013)

he best practices draw from the experiences of cities and counties throughout California, including those participating in the sustainability and climate change recognition program, the Beacon Award. The best practices vary in complexity and are adaptable to fit the unique needs and circumstances of individual communities.

Energy Program Funding for Local Governments Webinar

Local governments currently face a lot of uncertainty as sources that many depend on to fund their energy programs are set to expire. The long-term programs that are needed to meet state climate change and energy goals are difficult to accomplish under these circumstances. This webinar provides updates from the California Public Utilities Commission and the investor owned-utilities on the status of energy efficiency programs. It also highlight a local community that has set up an energy fund to support energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at municipal facilities.