Past Forum Resources

7th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum

June 15-16, 2016 | Riverside, CA
Breakout Sessions: Financing and Funding

Getting a Piece of the Cap-and-Trade Pie

Innovative Financing for Energy Efficiency

Developing a Sustainable Internal Fund to Sustain Your Impact

Breakout Sessions: Implementation Approaches

Integrated Planning to Leverage Limited Resources and Maximize Results

It’s Better Together: Regional Collaboration to Advance Climate and Energy Initiatives

The EE Foundation of Integrated Demand-Side Management

Gaining Efficiencies at the Water-Energy Nexus

Breakout Sessions: Outreach and Engagement

Motivating Energy Efficiency: Model Behavior Change Strategies

Engaging the Local Business Community

Breakout Sessions: Regulatory Processes and Compliance

What You Need to Know: key Updates on Hot Regulatory Topics

Code and Compliance Tools that Work

Beyond the Energy Code: Exploring the Value of Forging Ahead

Breakout Sessions: Technologies

Energy Efficiency and Demand Management in Planning EV Technologies

Applying Building Technologies to Realize Savings

Energy Efficiency and the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources