Emissions Inventory & Forecasting

Pathways to Energy Sustainability [2016]

This report explores themes that arose out of the 2015 Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories on Climate Action Planning in the San Joaquin Valley (hereinafter referred to as the…

Best Practices for SEEC ClearPath: A Year in Review (2015)

2015 has been a banner year for SEEC ClearPath. With over 240 local governments utilizing the tool, more and more data across California is being entered in all four modules. ICLEI has updated the platform significantly to further empower California local governments to inform policy making and understand energy and emissions trends. Join SEEC partner, ICLEI USA, to learn more about the best practices of SEEC ClearPath as well as the ins and outs of new features in each of the four modules. This will be a great opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to best leverage SEEC ClearPath to its fullest.

SEEC ClearPath Quick Start Guide

SEEC ClearPath California is a powerful tool to help you measure and track greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in your community. This guide provides an introduction to the basic structure of SEEC ClearPath CA and to important concepts that will help you use the tool effectively.