2020 SEEC Forum: Call for Virtual Proposals Submission Form

If you need additional direction on the criteria we are looking for, please review the guidance document:

Block 3 Proposals are due July 31st

SEEC 2020 Session Submittal

Step 1: Proposer Contact Information

Step 2: Submission Type

Step 3: Preferred Time Slots (select 2)

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Step 4: Session Format and Track

Step 5: Session Details

A. Session Title

Provide the official name of the proposed session in 10 words or less. Select a title that will appeal to a multi-disciplinary audience. Please avoid using technical terms and acronyms.

B. Abstract

Please provide a description of your session in 250 words or less. Describe the session purpose, relevance, and goals. As this will be included in the forum program, focus on what makes your session compelling. As appropriate, describe significant projects, tools, resources that will be discussed, as well as any potential next steps or outcomes that your session may lead participants towards.

D. Proposal Criteria

Please provide a brief description of how your proposal addresses the defined criteria that the Advisory Committee will consider when reviewing your proposal.

Step 5: Speakers

Proposers are responsible for identifying anticipated speakers and a moderator for their session. You will be asked to provide the names, titles, email addresses, and affiliations of the moderator and speakers on the Submittal Form.

We encourage you to consult with speakers and the moderator prior to submitting the session proposal. Proposing a complete session will enable the Advisory Committee to make the most informed decisions during the review process. If your session is selected, it is your responsibility as the proposer to ensure that these individuals are part of the final panel, or a reasonable replacement is secured based on your session description. Forum Organizers will not be responsible for finding replacements and if speakers and moderators are not confirmed by a designated date, the session will be dropped from the program.

A. Session Speakers

Forum Organizers are looking for strong speakers who can deliver high-quality and engaging presentations. We are also looking for proposals that include diverse perspectives, and we encourage proposers to reach out to jurisdictions from different regions or organizations from different sectors for collaboration. Please do not submit proposals that include all or most of the speakers coming from a single organization, agency or company.

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B. Session Moderator

Moderators play a critical role in creating successful sessions. It is important that a moderator is chosen based on their demonstrated ability to be effective in this role, their clear understanding of the expectations of them, and their understanding of the issues to be covered in the session.