2020 SEEC Forum: Call for Poster Proposals Submission Form

If you need additional direction on the criteria we are looking for, please review the guidance document:

SEEC 2020 Poster Submittal

Step 1: Proposer Contact Information

Provide the name, title, affiliation and contact information for the individual that is submitting the poster. The proposer assumes responsibility for meeting all deadlines established by the Forum Organizers if their poster proposal is accepted.

Step 3: Poster Details

A. Title

Provide the official name of the poster in 10 words or less. Select a title that will appeal to a multi-disciplinary audience. Please do not use technical terms and acronyms.

B. Description

Provide a description of the poster content and the elements you intend to display in 150 words or less.

C. Relevant Links

Provide any relevant links with additional context for the Advisory Committee to review.

Step 4: Proposer Responsibilities

Should your proposal be accepted, please note that you will be responsible for printing, purchasing, and delivering the poster to the Forum site.