Thank you for attending the 10th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum!

June 26-27, 2019 | Long Beach, CA

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Latest SEEC Webinars

TRC for the Rest of Us: Breaking Down Cost-Effectiveness

You may know that cost-effectiveness, and specifically Total Resource Cost (TRC), guides energy efficiency (EE) portfolio decisions, but do you understand how the TRC calculation actually works and why EE programs and projects that benefit your community may not make the cut? In a repeat performance from the 2019 SEEC Forum breakout session on the topic, this webinar will review the history and components of TRC, discuss why understanding TRC is important to successfully leveraging Third Party programs, and explore best practices and alternatives for accurately valuing efficiency, protecting customer funds, and aligning with state policies.

Local Energy Codes: Tools for Reaching Your Climate Action Goals

Reach codes (local energy ordinances) are one of the tools local governments can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as save energy and money. This session will discuss the local goals that can be addressed with reach codes, including decarbonization, and will provide an overview of various reach code strategies and options local governments can consider. The issue of treatment and drug delivery will not be addressed. Attendees will also hear about experiences and lessons learned from local governments who have adopted reach codes in the past, and will leave with information about resources available to assist with reach code efforts.

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