Valley Innovative Energy Watch Success Story: City of Visalia Achieves Energy Cost Savings with LED Retrofit [2017]

The City of Visalia, located in California’s Tulare County, has been a member of the VIEW (Valley Innovative Energy Watch) Partnership since 2010. As a highly involved member of VIEW, the City has shown its dedication to becoming an energy efficient municipality by applying for and completing several projects and retrofits over the years. The City has also, with the help of VIEW, benchmarked all of its municipal utility accounts and launched a pilot program, Battle of the Buildings, to reduce energy usage in all municipal facilities.

Most recently, the City of Visalia completed a lighting retrofit project in a local parking structure using Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funding. The City received further incentives from Southern California Edison (SCE) for this project and for participation in the VIEW Partnership.

The West Acequia Parking Structure is in use 24 hours every day of the year as it is accessed by the nearby regional hospital employees and patients. This creates great opportunity to use efficient technologies and save thousands in both kilowatt-hours (kWh) and dollars.

The EECBG funding replaced 290 100-Watt metal halide lights with 64-Watt T8 fluorescent fixtures, 37 50-Watt metal halide lights with 32-Watt T8 fluorescent fixtures, 8 pole-mounted 400-Watt metal halide lights with 172-Watt LED fixtures, and 4 pole-mounted 100-Watt metal halide lights with 70-Watt LED fixtures. All of these replacement fixtures are highly efficient and they are bi-level with integrated occupancy sensors. This means the lights run at 50% full power when on, and they step up to full power when occupancy is detected.

These new fluorescent and LED light fixtures use significantly less energy than the halide lights and they burn out less frequently, too. Additionally, there have been fewer security concerns voiced by late-night hospital staff and the new lights are less costly to replace due to their quick payback period (time required to cover the cost of the initial investment). The West Acequia Parking Structure lighting retrofit is saving the City of Visalia 251,331 kWh and $32,673 in energy costs annually.

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