CA General Plan Guidelines [2017]

The Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) has been engaged in a thorough update of the General Plan Guidelines (GPG). OPR is statutorily required by Government Code Section 65040.2 to adopt and periodically revise State guidelines for the preparation andncontent of local general plans for all cities and counties in California. This 2017 edition is the first comprehensive update to the guidelines since 2003. Legislative changes, new technical advisories, guidance documents, and additional resources have been incorporated into this new GPG. Major changes include:

  • Reformatted sections on the mandatory elements, including a new section on environmental justice
  • Statutory checklists for all mandatory elements
  • Updated and expanded sections on visioning andncommunity engagement
  • New sections on healthy communities, equitable and resilient communities, economic development, and climate change
  • Incorporation of existing legislative changes and guidance
  • Links to additional online tools and resources
  • Recommended policies in cut and paste format, with examples of adopted policy language
  • Infill compendium
  • Renewable energy compendium
  • Model template for mitigation of agricultural land conversion
  • General Plan Mapping Tool, enabling free, easy access to helpful data for cities and counties

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