Climate Central’s Surging Seas Risk Finder

Climate Central’s Program on Sea Level Rise provides accurate, clear and granular information about sea level rise and coastal flood hazards both locally and globally, today and tomorrow. Anchored in rigorous primary research, our work distinguishes itself by its user-friendly maps and tools, extensive datasets, and high-quality visual presentation. The program dedicates its efforts to helping citizens, communities, businesses, organizations, and governments at every level to understand the consequences of different carbon pathways and to navigate the shifting waters of our warming world.

The Surging Seas Risk Finder is a tool presenting detailed local projections and analysis of over 100 infrastructure and population variables tabulated by dozens of administrative area types. It accompanies the Surging Seas Risk Zone Map, an interactive online map presenting sea level and coastal flood risk information for the entire contiguous U.S. and backed by peer-reviewed science.

Visit the sea level rise risk tool here.