The Role of Local Governments

While achieving a community-scale ZNE vision requires collaboration and coordination with multiple stakeholder groups, local governments are uniquely positioned to drive policy, demonstrate leadership, create incentives, and unlock funding. The Hub showcases the following key steps to implementing and advancing ZNE in your community, and provide a set of best practices, case studies, and resources to assist agencies in spearheading ZNE implementation at the local level. Note that these steps overlap and are not meant to be taken in isolation or chronologically.

  • Create a Vision: Build your team and outline your definition and scope.
  • Identify and Engage Key Stakeholders: Involve stakeholders early to create buy-in and build trust in ZNE efforts within the community.
  • Demonstrate Leadership: Set targets and goals, adopt ordinances and resolutions that move your community closer to ZNE, and move the municipal building stock towards ZNE.
  • Support Your Community: Create incentives and unlock funding to support residential and commercial ZNE construction and retrofits.