Zero Net Energy Resources for California Local Governments

Local governments play a critical role in advancing zero net energy (ZNE) policies and encouraging implementation to help reach ambitious State targets, as well as to bring important benefits to their communities and residents. The ZNE Hub serves as a comprehensive resource for local governments to better understand the current policy landscape and the range of resources currently available.The Hub includes a general overview of ZNE implementation for local governments, broken down by common steps, and a compilation of barriers, best practices, case studies, and key references.

The Hub will serve as a live resource and will continue to be updated as new policies, funding opportunities, and resources are developed.If you have any resources, best practices, or case studies to share, please reach out to Julia Kim at

The Zero Net Energy Hub for Local Governments in California was created by and will be maintained by the Local Government Commission through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative. Special thanks to the County of San Mateo and New Buildings Institute for lending their expertise and their tireless efforts to advance ZNE.

How the Hub is Structured

ZNE 101

The Role of Local Governments

Case Studies

Resource Library – coming soon!