Resources from the 8th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum [2017]

8th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum resources, including session presentations, session notes, and posters, are now available online. This year’s forum focusesd on Bridging the Gap. Topics highlight approaches and strategies that catalyze local energy and sustainability action to close gaps in planning to implementation, data and technology, policy to practice, urban and rural, and more. […]

Pathways to Energy Sustainability [2016]

This report explores themes that arose out of the 2015 Impact of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories on Climate Action Planning in the San Joaquin Valley (hereinafter referred to as the Initial Findings Report) conducted by Valley Vision and submitted to PG&E. The Initial Findings Report was undertaken in order to provide insight to Investor-Owned Utilities […]

CA Governor’s Office of Planning and Research Technical Advisory Council

The ICARP Technical Advisory Council facilitates the development of holistic, complimentary strategies that increase California’s resilience to climate change, advance equity and environmental justice, and benefit both greenhouse gas emissions reductions and adaptation efforts. Council Objectives On October 8 2015, SB 246 was signed into law, creating the Technical Advisory Council (TAC). The TAC shall […]

Presentation: ClearPath Deep Dive into Forecasting and Planning (PPT)

In this Powerpoint slideshow, you will take a deep dive into the Forecasting and Planning Modules for ClearPath. This presentation goes beyond the basics to show you: • the types of dynamics with which the tool can represent your data • growth rates and factor sets • compound growth rates • forecast helpers and example […]

Government Operations Master Data Workbook for GHG Emissions Inventory

Download the Government Operations Master Data Workbook (Excel file) below. The form’s tabs to aid in gathering information for your GHG inventory for the following sectors: • information items that your local government may have purchased or used during your inventory year.  Only the carbon dioxide emissions from these sources will be counted in your […]

State of Local Climate Action: California 2016

State of Local Climate Action: California 2016 provides a unique portrait of local government climate leadership in California.  Developed by ICLEI in cooperation with partners through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC), the report presents a comprehensive picture of measurable local emissions trends, targets, planning efforts, and energy and climate actions in the state, along […]

SEEC ClearPath 101 – Follow Up Webinar

Download Presentation Slides:  Here 2016-09-26 16.03 SEEC ClearPath Training – 101 Workshop Follow Up from ICLEI USA on Vimeo. Please rate this resource 5 Stars = Excellent

Best Practices: AMBAG Regional Inventory Collaborative

Many of California’s smaller jurisdictions are in much earlier stages of grappling with greenhouse gas emissions. Recognizing the need for more support with local climate change efforts, AMBAG designed a program that would yield impressive results.

Best Practices: Sonoma County Energy Independence Program

Sonoma County’s Energy Independence Program (SCEIP) provides an opportunity for property owners to finance permanently affixed energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy improvements through a voluntary assessment.

Understanding Global Warming Potentials

This interactive training module covers the basics of Global Warming Potential (GWP) values and their relationship to short-lived climate pollutants. This training also covers practical implications for how GWP values impact the final results of an emissions inventory in terms of CO2 equivalent (CO2e).