Valley Innovative Energy Watch Success Story: City of Lemoore Joins 4 Schools to Launch CNG Fuel Station [2017]

Photo of Lemoore CNG Fueling Station provided by Lately, we’ve seen a very welcome decline in the price of gasoline. Nearly ten years ago, however, transportation costs were high and government, education and other industries needed to change the way their fleets operated in order to deal with the rising fuel costs. The City of Lemoore and four school districts […]

Creating a Carbon Fund Webinar Resources [2017]

Webinar recording [YouTube] Webinar presentation [PDF] Hosted June 21, 2017 Municipalities and other organizations often have difficulty funding climate action efforts to meet goals and comply with regulation. A consistent and sustainable funding mechanism is required. EcoShift Consulting, LLC has experience with a number of different carbon funds model development and implementation. The webinar will focus […]

ABAG PACE Financing Guidance

There are many benefits of PACE. For local governments, PACE can help meet climate action plan goals, reduce GHG emissions, and create local jobs. For property owners, PACE can pay for important building improvements that lower operating costs, guard against utility price escalation, enhance property value, and help generate positive economic activity in local communities. […]

2017 Annual Report: California Cap-and-Trade Auction Proceeds

To date, nearly $3.4 billion has been appropriated by the Legislature to State agencies implementing GHG emission reduction programs and projects. The State’s portion of the Cap-and-Trade auction proceeds are deposited in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF), and used to further the objectives of the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (Assembly Bill 32 […]

State of Local Climate Action: California 2016

State of Local Climate Action: California 2016 provides a unique portrait of local government climate leadership in California.  Developed by ICLEI in cooperation with partners through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC), the report presents a comprehensive picture of measurable local emissions trends, targets, planning efforts, and energy and climate actions in the state, along […]

Cool Roofs Cost Effectiveness in All California Climate Zones

This report evaluates the cost-effectiveness of installing high albedo roofing, known as cool roofs, that produce efficiency savings and mitigate the urban heat island effect.  Local governments can use this cost-effectiveness information to justify inclusion of cool roof approaches in “reach codes,” building codes that go beyond State Title 24 energy provisions.  Local reach codes […]

District Energy in Cities Guidebook (2015)

This extensive guidebook evaluates lessons from 45 cities in developing district energy systems.  Topics covered include partnership models, financing, risk management, and the roles of local government.  Published through a collaboration between ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, UN Environment Program, UN HABITAT, and Sustainable Energy for All. ICLEI UNEP DistrictEnergyReportBook Please rate this resource 5 Stars […]

District Energy Good Practice Guide (C40)

This guide provides a primer and 10 case studies on modern district energy development from around the world.  Published by C40 and UN Environment Program. C40 Good Practice Guide_District Energy Please rate this resource 5 Stars = Excellent

Best Practices: West Covina Energy Action Plan Saves Energy & Money

The City of West Covina crafted an Energy Action Plan (EAP) that would establish goals for the entire community. The purpose of the EAP is to guide the City toward attainable conservation goals that will result in the implementation of policies, strategies, and actions that are both cost effective and environmentally sound.

Best Practices: Local Green Jobs Via Sierra Nevada Energy Watch

The Sierra Nevada Energy Watch (SNEW) partnership serves 14 counties of the Sierra Nevada region. In five of the counties, SNEW hired staff and local contractors to run an energy efficiency implementation program for small businesses, local governments, special districts and non-profits.

Best Practices: San José Energy Fund

San José implemented an Energy Fund in 2005 to provide ongoing support for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at municipal facilities. The initial funding came from a large rebate incentive check from PG&E.

Best Practices: Free Resource & Energy Business Evaluations (FREBE)

As part of its multidepartmental Climate Protection Program, the City of Chula Vista adopted the Free Resource & Energy Business Evaluation (FREBE, pronounced “Free-bee”) ordinance to encourage and assist local businesses to reduce their energy consumption and utility bills.

San Diego Regional Workshop Presentation

This is a great opportunity to hear about water conservation efforts, cap and trade funding options and best practices related to climate action implementation in the region and across the state.

Sustainability Best Practice Framework (2013)

he best practices draw from the experiences of cities and counties throughout California, including those participating in the sustainability and climate change recognition program, the Beacon Award. The best practices vary in complexity and are adaptable to fit the unique needs and circumstances of individual communities.