SEEC ClearPath California is an all-in-one suite of online tools to help you complete your government operations and community-wide GHG inventory, forecast and climate action plan.

  • Performing GHG inventories and forecasts is now far easier for California local governments, thanks to the Suite's powerful, user-friendly features developed by ICLEI.
  • SEEC ClearPath California contains the updated Inventory, Forecasting, and Climate Action Planning modules.  These tools enable detailed energy and emissions accounting for both government operations and community scale activities.
  • A no-cost tool, with no software to install -- it's all online.
  • To gain access to SEEC ClearPath California, please click “Account Setup” to the right and complete the form.
  • Read more about the ClearPath features & uses

Step 1: Create Your Account

SEEC ClearPath California is available only to California local government staff or those working on their behalf. To set up your account, fill out a brief form.

Step 2: Start Using the Tools Suite

Once you have set up your  account information, log in below and begin using the tool (note: this login is separate from your SEEC website username and password).

Step 3: Access Resources

Access the extensive library of ClearPath resources from the SEEC Resource Portal including webinars, guidance documents, workbooks and self-paced trainings.

Step 4: Join Training & Events

Tune in to the SEEC ClearPath events, including one-on-one office hours every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 11am-12pm PT/2pm-3pm ET.