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SEEC provides no-cost resources to support the energy and climate initiatives of California Local Governments

Latest News and Updates

New Report from RFF: Behavioral Economics and Energy Efficiency Regulation

See the below overview of this new report from Resources for the Future (RFF) – or access the report on the RFF website. Summary Behavioral economics points to consumer error to justify energy efficiency policies, making policy evaluation difficult and potentially validating large-scale market preemption. Providing information can help ensure consumers make decisions reflecting their […]

White House Offers $4.5 Billion in Loan Guarantees for EV Charging Innovation

The White House will unlock up to $4.5 billion in loan guarantees to support electric vehicle (EV) charging. The money comes along with abevy of other initiatives, including an EV hackathon and technical assistance to help broaden EV charging across the U.S. Learn more from Greentech Media, here. For more on electric vehicles, click here.


The SEEC Calendar includes relevant online and in-person events and trainings for local government staff working in the climate change and energy space.
Most events are specifically related to energy efficiency and take place in California.