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SEEC provides no-cost resources to support the energy and climate initiatives of California Local Governments

Latest News and Updates

New California SEEC ClearPath Features

Learn about the new 2015 SEEC ClearPath software tool features with this recorded webinar.   New California SEEC ClearPath Features (01:01:20) from ICLEI USA on Vimeo.

PG&E Releases Emissions Factors

PGE& has released their 2013 carbon dioxide (CO2) coefficient for delivered electricity.  The rate for CO2 per kWh was 14% lower than the past five-year average of 500 lbs/kWh.  In total, more than half of PG&E’s power in 2013 came from sources that emit no GHGs.  Please visit this press release for more information on how to […]

Sustainability Best Practice Framework

The Institute for Local Government has just released its first comprehensive update of the Sustainability Best Practice Framework since its initial release in 2008. The framework offers new and practical ideas on how local agencies can save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ten categories. The best practices draw from the experiences of cities and counties […]


The SEEC Calendar includes relevant online and in-person events and trainings for local government staff working in the climate change and energy space.
Most events are specifically related to energy efficiency and take place in California.