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Latest News and Updates

Annual Report is Released Detailing 2015-16 Cap and Trade Auction Proceed Expenditures

California’s Department of Finance has released an Annual Report detailing the outcomes of close to $2.6 billion appropriated from Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) to state agencies in 2015 and 2016. $1.7 billion has been allocated to greenhouse gas (GHG)-reducing programs and projects expected to save 14.3 million tons of GHGs, with investments in high speed rail […]

Launch of Energy Atlas!

The LA Energy Atlas provides in-depth knowledge of the region’s energy consumption at the neighborhood, city and county scales across a range of indicators, including building type and age. Users can access and download data previously inaccessible to get a comprehensive understanding of energy use trends over time, as well as variations across the region and building types. This atlas will serve […]

New California SEEC ClearPath Features

Learn about the new 2015 SEEC ClearPath software tool features with this recorded webinar.   New California SEEC ClearPath Features (01:01:20) from ICLEI USA on Vimeo.

PG&E Releases Emissions Factors

PGE& has released their 2013 carbon dioxide (CO2) coefficient for delivered electricity.  The rate for CO2 per kWh was 14% lower than the past five-year average of 500 lbs/kWh.  In total, more than half of PG&E’s power in 2013 came from sources that emit no GHGs.  Please visit this press release for more information on how to […]


The SEEC Calendar includes relevant online and in-person events and trainings for local government staff working in the climate change and energy space.
Most events are specifically related to energy efficiency and take place in California.