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ICLEI Releases Climate Action Plan Template for SEEC Participants

March 31, 2011

Climate Action Plan Template thumbA new Climate Action Plan Template is now available to help California local governments speed their development of a climate action plan. ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA developed the template for the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC).


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A climate action plan is your local government's roadmap to mitigate climate change, reduce energy use, and save money. ICLEI's latest resource developed for SEEC can speed the development of a custom climate action plan document by reducing the time needed to create and publish content. Download the template and customize it to your needs, or just use it as a reference in creating your own plan. The template is available as a Word doc or pdf, and includes full instructions, as well as an Excel file that allows you to enter data to create custom charts and graphs for your plan.

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The Climate Action Plan Template complements other key SEEC resources developed to assist California local governments at every stage of their effort to measure and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. Download our FREE Quick-Start Guides if you haven't already:

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