SEEC Climate Communications Webinars

  Let’s Talk Climate — Applied Research and Practical Guidance for Local Climate Engagement Climate change can no longer be marginalized as a special interest of environmental groups – it is becoming a personally relevant public interest for all of us. Let’s start a new conversation in communities across California on climate — one that is […]

Creating a Carbon Fund Webinar Resources

Resources: Webinar recording: Webinar presentation: CarbonFundWebinar_EcoShift.pdf Hosted June 21, 2017 Municipalities and other organizations often have difficulty funding climate action efforts to meet goals and comply with regulation. A consistent and sustainable funding mechanism is required. EcoShift Consulting, LLC has experience with a number of different carbon funds model development and implementation. The webinar will focus […]

Weatherization Guide for Local Governments

Weatherization can reduce a building’s energy consumption by up to 35 percent. SEEC developed a Weatherization Guide for Local Governments (PDF) to highlight the benefits of weatherization to achieve a variety of local goals, and to share local government best practices to develop partnerships and programs, demonstrate leadership, and invest in workforce development.