What SEEC Offers Local Governments

The Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC) provides support to cities and counties to help them reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save energy. SEEC is an alliance between three statewide non-profit organizations and California’s four Investor-Owned Utilities. It builds upon the unique resources, expertise and local agency relationships of each partner.

SEEC provides the following at no cost:

  • Education and tools for climate action planning and reducing energy use
  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer networking
  • Technical assistance and recognition for local agencies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and adopt policies and programs that promote sustainability.

To access the wealth of free resources on the SEEC website and attend trainings, just fill out a brief registration form.

By participating in SEEC, your city or county can receive free technical trainings and resources to undertake the following:

    • Conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory for local government operations
    • Conduct a community-wide greenhouse gas emissions inventory
    • Create an emissions forecast and set GHG reduction targets
    • Develop a climate action plan
    • Select cost-effective, high-impact energy and climate initiatives for your plan

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Access SEEC Trainings and Resources

Available at no-cost for all California Local Governments!

How You Can Benefit

Participating in SEEC offers many major advantages for local governments.

Community Benefits

Measures to reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption – from transportation to buildings and infrastructure – typically have many co-benefits. They can improve air quality and public health, stimulate the local economy and create green jobs, and make communities more livable and walkable.

Climate Leadership

You’ll learn step-by-step how your local government and community can reduce GHG emissions to mitigate climate change. By taking action now to address climate change, your local government and elected officials can be recognized for their leadership.

No-Cost Resources

SEEC is completely free. You’ll receive at no cost a suite of resources and trainings that local governments in other states might pay thousands to access in addition to full access to California SEEC ClearPath software.

Money Savings

Developing climate and energy strategies can help your local government slash energy costs to save precious taxpayer dollars. Conducting a GHG emissions inventory will show you exactly where you’re wasting energy and identify opportunities to become more efficient.

Networking Opportunities:

By participating in SEEC’s free training events, you can network with other local government staff in your region who are facing similar issues; you can share regional best practices and approaches, and identify regional barriers to successful climate action planning.

Regulatory Preparedness

Through legislation such as AB 32 and SB 375, the State of California has shown national leadership on climate change. Aspects of climate legislation will impact local governments and planning agencies. Taking action through SEEC will help you be prepared.