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SEEC provides no-cost resources to support the energy and climate initiatives of California Local Governments

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SEEC Climate Communications Webinars

  Let’s Talk Climate — Applied Research and Practical Guidance for Local Climate Engagement Climate change can no longer be marginalized as a special interest of environmental groups – it is becoming a personally relevant public interest for all of us. Let’s start a new conversation in communities across California on climate — one that is […]

ACEEE Local Policy Benchmarking Toolkit [2017]

In addition to making multifamily building energy data more transparent, cities are adopting benchmarking policies and programs to meet goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To reach these goals, cities are implementing these initiatives to increase awareness of energy waste and generate increased investments in energy efficiency. These investments ultimately make cities more desirable for […]

Resources from the 8th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum [2017]

8th Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Forum resources, including session presentations, session notes, and posters, are now available online. This year’s forum focusesd on Bridging the Gap. Topics highlight approaches and strategies that catalyze local energy and sustainability action to close gaps in planning to implementation, data and technology, policy to practice, urban and rural, and more. […]

Creating a Carbon Fund Webinar Resources [2017]

Webinar recording [YouTube] Webinar presentation [PDF] Hosted June 21, 2017 Municipalities and other organizations often have difficulty funding climate action efforts to meet goals and comply with regulation. A consistent and sustainable funding mechanism is required. EcoShift Consulting, LLC has experience with a number of different carbon funds model development and implementation. The webinar will focus […]


The SEEC Calendar includes relevant online and in-person events and trainings for local government staff working in the climate change and energy space.
Most events are specifically related to energy efficiency and take place in California.